Videos of Rocky Point

Welcome to “Videos of Rocky Point”! We have some wonderful new promo videos to show you, which have aired on Your Life A to Z with Lisa Haffner, and will continue as a 4 part series. The first was shown on May 24th, and the second was on May 31st, 2007. We also added our own Rocky Point Adventures with video we have taken over the past few years. We will continue to add videos and promos that are entertaining and helpful, so you can truly see and enjoy Rocky Point, Mexico. 

Your Life A to Z – May 24th, May 31st, & June 26th, and August 11th, 2007

#1YLA2Z.jpg  #2YLA2Z.jpg  #3YLA2Z.jpg #4YLA2Z.jpg

Here is another great video we found from KOLD Tv 13 in Tucson, Arizona.


If you are thinking of buying property in Mexico, you might want to take a moment and view these videos from Baja123. The information is important for everyone trying to understand the changes in buying property in Rocky Point, and other areas in Mexico.


Here are some great videos we took on vacations in Rocky Point, Mexico!

(Special Note) – The 2 Ultra Light Videos & Sandy Beach shows the growth in Rocky Point from 2005 to 2007

      Double Trouble-photo05.jpg     Aquarium Fun!     Double Trouble-photo11.jpg    

                        Double Trouble-photo19.jpg      Quads

      Shea Did It.jpg     Ultra David.jpg     Sandy Beach Resorts.jpg 

                     Double Trouble-photo04.jpg      Double Trouble-photo20.jpg

Rocky Point Videos created and posted by Shea at

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