Youth with a future

“Youth with a future”

Scholarship program begins

Providing support for 24 university students 

Through the provision of support for 24 university students headed to other cities to complete their professional degrees, the scholarship program of the “Youth with a Future” association was recently launched.

      Beginning in September, the civil organization, backed by representative Sergio Cuellar Yescas, and presided over by Rev. Luis Sandoval Sandoval, will provide scholarship recipients a 750 peso monthly assistance during the present semester.  The scholarships together represent a monthly total amount of $18,000 pesos.

Under the motto, “Constructing your future now” the presentation of the first two check took place in an event held at the auditorium of the local Chamber of Commerce. The event was to represent Peñasco students headed to study in Mexicali, Hermosillo or in other cities.

      During the event, Luis Sandoval Sandoval highlighter that the selection of the 24 scholarship recipients, from the 50 applicants, took into account their living standards and the abilities of each within their studies.

He stressed that they selected those most in need, but with the condition that they must maintain a general average of nine.  He explained they do not want to create mediocre students, but rather well prepare students that can help the community of Puerto Peñasco.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, Mr. Rafael Vazquez the young student Hector Diaz Jimenez gave thanks for the support, which undoubtedly will be used to the full advantage by all selected in this first scholarships package.

      The young scholar stated that upon receiving the support they each take on a commitment order to, in time, return to Puerto Peñasco and provide benefits for other young people looking to the further their studies.

Representative Sergio Cuellar Yescas stated that he was not a man of many words and preferred to speak about the facts implied by this scholarship program, which received support from local business.

      He stated that it is time to support young people, but not solely through words.  He remarked it is time to assist young students who put forth the extra effort towards getting their degrees.

After narrating his difficult personal experience as a student, Cuellar Yescas asked the young students to value the scholarships given to them.  He pointed out that this does not imply solely an economic benefit but rather a tremendous responsibility towards other young students and with businesses that believe in them as they work to accomplish their goals.

Cuellar Yescas gave thanks to the support of the businesses that made the “Youth with a Future” association scholarships possible, as they have each given their grain of sand for the benefit of the young students.


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