Workday Boosts Beach Clean Up & Maintenance of Schools

A double duty work filled Saturday took place May 13, with the participation of the municipal government in the painting and cleaning of Elementary School Francisco Urrea, and the kick off to Talacha playera (beach clean-up) 2006, organized in coordination with the Sonora State Commission for the Promotion of Tourism.

In the Hermosa Beach area the program Talacha Playera 2006 got underway, under the responsibility of the city Mayor Ramon Martinez Gonzales and Guadalupe Moreno Celaya, director of Tourism Training and the Culture for the commission for the promotion of Tourism, The two officials emphasized the importance of creating a culture of participation in cleaning our beaches.

Participating in the workday was the Institute of Higher Technology of Puerto PeƱasco, the Center for Technological Studies of the Sea, The Odahm Institute, Cobach, the Institute for the New Millennium and the Billingual Computer Academy (ABC).

Following tradition, people from the Naval Military Sub sector played an important role in supporting the campaign. These brigades worked hard at cleaning along the beach from the sector mentioned above to Playa Hermosa.

Personnel from Municipal Public Services and from Oomislim were incorporate into this campaign on the beaches, through the provision of people and vehicles. In addition, public servants from various departments were integrated into the work groups.

Painting at Francisco Urrea

Parents, students and public servants showed up at elementary school Francisco Urrea to participate in the general clean-up campaign and painting of the school.

Headed by city mayor Ramon Martinez Gonzales, the work groups engaged in general painting as well as planting trees, the rehabilitation of the irrigating system and cleaning of the areas around the school with a street sweeper.

The work began at the school at 8 in the morning with great enthusiasm. In addition to the workday, the school also currently has the construction of a perimeter fence underway, along with the water proofing of roofs, construction of a media room and rehabilitation of the basket court.

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