Why the speed of a ship expressed in knots?

Trirreme griego

Ever wondered why you have in the Navy to refer to the speed of a boat, knots are used? A lack of resources, in ancient times had to oakley outlet use imagination to rely on the sea, and despite today’s explanation is simple, not lack of talent.

One Cheap NFL Jerseys China of the first methods that were sailors to determine the speed programs? of the ships was an archaic probe. It was basically throwing a rope supplied water of knots separated by a distance, so after a while – once set by the hourglass – the crew picked up the Task Manager to see how the widget was nodes that had been unwound (The rope with knots was wrapped in a piece of wood). Based on data obtained on board knew full speed they carried.

At the end I considered that a knot equivalent to one nautical mile per hour (1 nautical mile cheap ray bans = 1.852 km), so that a speed of 10 knots equals 18.52 km / h.

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