Why commercial planes no parachutes?

Paracaidas en los aviones comerciales

Being at 10,000 feet makes one wonder about the chances of survival in case of a plane crash. Of course there is no reason to be ominous, is that these machines (planes) are perhaps the safest mode of transportation that we choose. Now, you never have suggested that it might be good idea to put parachutes on airplanes to avoid greater evils? Let’s see why airlines have so far avoided placing this “extra” aircraft.

Extreme cases
The aircraft today are equipped with all kinds of security systems, including cockpit controls come standard doubled and even tripled in case any of a defective drive. As already in itself is difficult to happen as critical.

Preparation hop
You can not instruct the passengers on each flight so that they learn to handle a parachute and all that entails. To have enough knowledge to launch a solo you have to purchase many items. However, let us to the idea that this step is overcome. If it’s just in time to get off the plane is usually set in shambles, does anyone imagine what would happen if life was at risk? Well, neither more nor less than mass hysteria. Before that people had successfully put the airplane parachute would have crashed.

A dangerous leap
Consider that a commercial aircraft flying around the 900 km / h, and about 10000 feet. If the pilot loses control of the aircraft and fails to reduce these levels, opening the doors, if so brutal depressurisation of the aircraft to be submitted, does not explode, because an angel is walking through the area. Would have a good chance that the pressure and temperatures down to -50 ยบ C people faint or even die before you leap. A contrast of temperature and can be fatal, so the military pilots carry a special clothing.

On the other hand we must bear in mind that so that everyone had time to jump, the pilot would have to keep the aircraft in flight for at least five minutes. In many critical situations it is not possible.

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