What to do in the Ajo area

What wonderful weather! Could we ask for more? (well, maybe a little rain to help the spring flowers along, but…..)

In reviewing past “What to do columns” we have covered the world famous open pit copper mine, the Ajo Golf Course, Day and Night Free Tennis Courts, The Ajo Airport, The Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Driving El Camino del Diablo, Organ Pipe National Monument and it’s 20 and 50 mile scenic tour loops, The Ajo scenic loop, Sonoran Desert Flora and fauna, touring the pipeline road and many of the special events that have occurred here in Ajo.

There is really a lot more to do here and April is one of the best months to do it all except maybe swimming. (Our new public swimming pool will be completed by the time everyone is ready to dive in.)

In the month of April the council for the Arts will sponsor a “Mardi Gras” and “Igor and the Jazz Cowboys” in a not to be missed return engagement.

Hiking in the desert is a favorite pastime and the weather in April is perfect (not too warm and if there are any wildflowers this year, this is the time to carry your favorite camera).

The Tohono O’Odham (formerly Papago) reservation begins at Why, Arizona, about 10 miles south of Ajo and on the highway to Tucson. There are several trading posts between Why and Tucson, with lost of Indian wares and exquisite baskets on display and for sale. The Papago baskets are probably the most intricate to be found in the southwest.

You pass through Why to get to Rocky Point. It’s a two hour drive though the beautiful Northern Sonoran Desert, Organ Pipe National Monument and in Mexico you skirt the spectacular Pinacates. (When we get cravings for Margaritas, shrimp, excellent fishing, and a Mariachi, we head south)

Here is some trivia for you

How did Why get its name? At one time the area was referred to simply as the “Y” and then when the residents wanted a post office the government said there had to be at least three letters in an official address. So they changed it to Why.

Why has two gas station, two saloons and a couple of restaurants, plus the “Why Not” store and Flores Chevron where you can buy Mexican Insurance and a variety of snacks to take with you across the border.

The Golden Hassan casino and convenience store and a very nice RV Park are just East of Why on the highway to Tucson. The population explodes in the wintertime by at least a thousand snowbirds who camp out in the desert for two or three months, in every kind of rig you imagine. Tents, campers, trailers on up to the most elaborate and expensive blue bird motor homes with everything from solar panels to satellite dishes. To see is to believe.

In the last column we told you about the new Chamber of Commerce office located just to the west (and slightly behind the fire station) but gave you the wrong website address. We didn’t know the old one had been closed. The new website is www.ajoinaz.com try it and see what’s going on in Ajo that we might have missed here and for time and ticket prices on coming events.

Rocky Point, Puerto Peñasco, is only 1 hour and 40 minutes from Ajo, Arizona.


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