What is a Bank Trust


The Fideicomiso or Mexican Bank Trust is a mechanism that enables foreign persons or companies to purchase property in Mexico.  The trust mechanism was created to allow foreign investors to participate in Mexico’s rapidly expanding sectors, while exercising complete and legal control over their investments while complying with Mexico’s investment laws.
The trust is a property interest held by a Mexican bank.  The sole purpose of the bank is to manage the property for the benefit of the owner of the trust.   Real estate investment trusts enable foreign entities to invest in Mexico’s coastal and border areas which were once restricted from foreign investment of any kind.
Only Mexican banking institutions authorized and regulated under Mexican laws can serve as trustees.  The beneficiary of the trust, the foreigner, retains the use and control of the property held in trust and makes the investment decisions with respect to the property.  This can include the decision to transfer such property interest to another foreigner realizing all of the economic benefits that accompany equity ownership in Mexico’s attractive coastal properties.
Trusts are established for initial 50 year periods and can be renewed indefinitely for additional 50 year periods.  The beneficiary may transfer or assign his beneficial interest to any person and keep the profits from the sale of the property subject to applicable tax laws and expenses for the sale.  Property held under a trust can be passed on to future generations and the person to which the bequest is made is not burdened with an inheritance tax.
Fideicomisos are an easy and safe way for you to own property in Mexico.   They are government sanctioned and offer strong protection.  Potential investors are encouraged to contact us for assistance in setting up your Mexican bank trust

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