What do locals do in Rocky Point?

What do locals do in Rocky Point?


In Rocky Point, the local people enjoy different types of activities that have become a custom for the families.

Activities such as fishing, visiting the desert, visiting the Pinacate, the estuaries, the beach, the old port and many others activities.

Even though fishing is no longer the number one mainstay of the people of Rocky Point, it is still a popular activity especially amongst local young people. It has evolved as a sport and a symbol of anti stress and relaxation for many. Enjoying the tranquil waters, the peacefulness or the sea on a sunny day brings a feeling of satisfaction to so many locals.

The desert it’s an enjoyment for local people and has been one of the favorite activities for a long time, riding buggies, 4x4s, etc. “Competition hill” has become a typical place for locals and visitors, it has become a meeting place to enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching the powerful atv, trucks and 4x4s that have been modified to compete in these types of events.

The sand dunes that are located on the way to Las Conchas, have also become a meeting point amongst locals that meet there every Sunday. There are reports that 200 to 300 cars meet there to compete or simply enjoy the races being held there. There are places there where you can enjoy a snack and drinks while you relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Summer time it’s the perfect time to visit the beach to cool down by jumping in the ocean, visiting the estuaries and enjoy some fresh oysters, fried fish, tostadas, etc. while watching your kids play in the sand an enjoying the breeze.

One of the favorite meeting points amongst locals has always been the “malecon” or the old port, walking along side of the sea and enjoying the beautiful sunsets with your family while the local band, the trios or a solo artist with his guitar will never go out of style in Rocky Point.

This small fishing town will always enjoy its customs and traditions, there are a lot of changes coming to this port but its traditions will continue.

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