by Tom Young


Well here we are looking at the first days of April. Many folks have already headed for home with more leaving every day. We have less than one month before we head for the high country again. It is always a sad time for us to be getting ready to leave Puerto Peñasco. It seems like the last six months have gone by a little faster this year than they did last year. I guess I must be getting old!

I think I’ll write one more article for the Rocky Point Times before we leave for the season. Then I’ll take a sabbatical for the summer and if Tom & Sandy will put up with me again next season maybe we’ll do it again. It’s tough writing for the RPTimes from the perspective of reporting things that happened a month ago, or guessing what’s going to happen in the next month. So sometimes we sound like were a little bit late.

We are looking forward to a long planned trip to Alaska with two of my brothers and their wives this summer. I’ve always felt the best of two worlds is Alaska in the summer and Puerto Peñasco in the winter. To me it don’t get any better than that.

We want to thank everyone that has made ‘Saturdays Soup Kitchen’ such a great success this year. Our monthly raffle allowed us to give some support to some very deserving organizations, including Alan and Connie White with “Esperanza de Vida” mission, as well as “Casa Hogar” and “Manos de Ayuda.” Our winners of $350.00 for the February raffle drawing were Dee & Ron Benninghoff of Phoenix.

The experience of being involved in feeding the children each Saturday afternoon has been very rewarding to us. The smiles and hugs we receive from the children is always welcome. To everyone that helped peel the veggies, serve up the soup, hand out the cookies, or just came along to lend moral support, we say thanks. We enjoyed holding the raffles each month and have made several folks happy with each monthly winner getting $350.00, or one of several fine meals.

We are thankful for the generosity of a great many people and organizations with the material and financial support given to us this year. Among those that we will always be grateful to is Roger, Jeanette and Mike Clifton and Playa Elegante RV Park management and staff. Also many thanks goes to Baja Cantina, Latitude 31, JR’s BBQ, Sr. Amigos, and the Lighthouse Restaurant who supported us with dinners for two along with drinks for our monthly raffles. Thanks to Tom & Sandy O’Hare and the Rocky Point Times for the space to report what’s happening.

Anyone can come along with us on Saturday. Just drop by space 120 in Playa Elegante RV Park. To all of you that are getting ready to leave Rocky Point, again we say—“drive careful, stay happy and love your loved ones.”


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