Well we made it Viva la Mexico!!

I left Scottsdale this morning, after a wonderful visit with a lovely family and their precious daughter”s, at 6am and with that incredible technology of the GPS I was able to locate a Walmart and stock up on comfort foods for myself and then again with the GPS find my way back to the highway I arrived at the Mexican border at Lukeville at around 12.30pm.
I was wearing my “cross the border Mexican soccer shirt” but didn’t need it as I was waved through in about 20 seconds never even left the vehicle and there it was Ramona had her first taste of Mexican pavement.
A vehicle permit is not needed for this part of the State but because I am going further south I had to drive 21 kilometers to where the Immigration and permit office is located. From previous experience I know this process can be long and cumbersome but there must be some truth to that statement about getting wiser as you get older because I ordered my permit and papers on line a couple of months ago and was very surprised to receive the permit by mail to Nanaimo actually seven days later. So now I went into the office with all my papers and in 10 minutes I was done, Ramona and I were legally documented and free to travel to all parts of the country.
I arrived in Puerto Penasco, where my great friends Linda and Scrooge, sorry, Guy have their lovely restaurant, so it was the first stop for the hugs and kisses. I then drove to the RV Park where I am booked in for one week for a cost of 125 dollars per week. It has full facilities including WiFi, showers, laundry and I am parked 50 feet from the beach. If you double click the Ramona photos you will clearly see the beach and ocean, so there will be morning runs on that beach now. It is lovely and warm but when the sun goes down it is a little cool, no I am not complaining.
It is quite amazing that two days ago I was in this very affluent area of California with a high standard of living and now in a small border town where many people are struggling to get by, but they do with pride, happiness and music. As I sit writing this there is wonderful music coming from close by.
It is great to be back in Mexico and all that it entails and I am looking forward to helping Linda with some food packages for some needy families.
Thank you to everyone for all your words of encouragement and e mails and I wish you all well from SUNNY MEXICO!!

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