Welcome to Mexico


Tourist friend remember that in mexico just like the country you come from there are rights and obligations that you have to respect, the information that is detailed below was provided by the immigration office and customs which will help you make your trip more pleasant.


When you cross Mexican customs you have the obligation to declare if you have other merchandise besides your luggage.  If this is the case you need to declare what you have and pay the corresponding taxes. You will also need to cross the fiscal traffic light that will determine the following: -green light; you are free to pass trough without inspection.                                        –Red light; you get stopped and they inspect your stuff.                                 


When you arrive to Mexico by car or by plane, in this case to using a plane, the airport is located in the area border to the country, or in the cities overseas located in an area 25 miles along the border of Mexico, you have the right to bring up to $50 dollars per person (including children) in one or several items tax free. For example:           A family that have five members which includes the parents and three children can bring up to $250 dollars in items, not including their luggage. Besides what we have mentioned previously you can also bring the following items tax free:          Binoculars, A 12 inch TV or smaller, A portable radio, Two lasser discs and a maximum of 20 CD’s or tapes, A typewriter, A music instrument for individual use that can be transported by one person. Camping equipment, A maximum of 5 toys, Fishing tackle, A pair of skis, Two tennis rackets, A surfboard whit or without a sail, One VCR.                                                                            If you come through the fiscal traffic light and they find merchandise whose value exceeds what is permitted and you have not paid the corresponding tax you could be fined with 100% to 300% over the commercial value of the articles and even seizure them.                                               If you try to cross arms, ammunition, explosives, or any other article that is prohibited by the federal law of arms and explosives (Mexican law on arms) you are committing a crime and you will be turned over to the Attorney General’s office. If you are bringing any of this items, turned them over to avoid any problems BEFORE you cross the fiscal traffic light.                                                Do not carry with you any close package that you are not able to determine what they have inside or that you are not able to declare.                          Bringing any amount of money is not a crime, nor will this cause you additional taxes or have the money taken away from you. A crime is not declaring such money and if the amount exceeds $10,000 dollars you will be turned to the Attorney General’s office.                                                          Please verify which items are permitted as well as the amount that you can bring into Mexico.


Regarding animals, vegetables and their products, you should be extremely careful because there are some items that can carry plant pests or animal diseases into Mexico.


Pets (only dogs and cats) as long as you can verify that the animal is free of disease with a valid vaccines certificate.


When they came in their original package and perfectly sealed you can bring the following; Vegetables products, like nuts (except walnuts that come from Texas), roast coffee, straw items, malta, ginger, carobs, potato, legumes, oleaginous, flour or ground corn, tapioca, wheat, oatmeal, rye, soya, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, prunes, canned or packed spices, any medical herbs, canned, boiled or dried HOSEand dried truffles.

ANIMAL PRODUCTS                                               Those that come directly from the United States either cryovac canned or frozen, cooked or processed beef, lamb, goat, and pork cooked or processed poultry; canned pate; milks and chesses. They have to be in their original package.                                                                                                  


Those that are made of dried wood, without barks, treated with varnish or paint like statuettes, tables, and chairs for personal use. When you arrive to the Mexican border if you have any of these  products or animals please declare them so they can attend you personally

The animals or products that have not been mentioned previously can not be brought freely into the country because they need to comply with special importation requirements. Please check with your consulate before bringing them.


Phone use tips Note:                                                 Cell phones need to be programmed by one of the local service providers before they will function within the area LADATEL phone cards can be purchased in stores wherever you see their logo & fit into the unmarked slot in pay phones.                                                                 Emergency:                                                              Dial 070 for a bilingual operator. To call United States or  Canada Dial 001 before the area code and number.  Example: 001-520-387-6000.           Operator: 091                                                            To call United States Collect Dial 090 for a bilingual operator.   To call United States, Canadian 800 numbers Changed to 880                 Example: 001-880-234-1234 To call 888 in Mexico Dial 001-888 and the number                                      (Cell phones hit the* (star key) dial in 800 then hit the send key wait for the sound of the tone then dial 1-8000 and rest of the number)                  

Information/Service for Puerto Peñasco:                Operator                   Dial 040                                      Repair                       Dial 050                                         To call Puerto Peñasco from the US:                          Dial 001-52-638 and the local phone number.        Example: 001-52-638-383-0000                                  To call Sonoyta from the US: Dial001-52-651 and the local phone number.                                          Example: 001-52-651-2-00-00                                     Note: calls from Peñasco to the U.S. start at $1.00 U.S per minute – calls from the U.S. to Peñasco often start at $.75 + cents U.S. per minute.                 (Rmember Las Conchas phone numbers in Peñasco my start with a # 212)

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