“We have the support of President Calderon to continue to grow to Sonora

Sonora has the support of President Felipe Calderón to keep growing, said the Governor Guillermo Padres, reporting that during his meeting with the federal agent as he discussed issues of educational transformation, economic empowerment and progress of Sonora SI.
Interviewed after attending the conclusion of the twelfth anniversary of the group of journalists against Item 10, the Padres Governor said that “I have no doubt that we have the support of President Calderon to continue to grow with the entity ” to qualify for fruitful Sonora his meeting with Felipe Calderon on Monday in which he shared state agenda items.
“We talked about educational change, the project we’ve driven here in the state to strengthen the education system and focus on rebuilding, remodeling, making schools safe, clean, green and functional and grab at the center of mainstream society school, ” reported the state ruler.
Padres Governor said that during his meeting with President addressed preliminary details about the project that would seek to increase the hours of classes in schools, it would be very positive considering the extent to Sonora, so soon will meet with the Secretary Public Education, Alonso Lujambio.

“We also talked about economic empowerment and support to SMEs more to create more jobs and further strengthen the Sonoran who wish to undertake, who want to strengthen an idea or create jobs, then that was very positive and took it with good eyes Mr. President, “said Padres.
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