Values promoted in neighborhoods: 400 promoters appointed

Values Promoted In Neighborhoods: 400 Promoters Appointed 


In order to promote values and good customs in local neighborhoods, and throughout the entire society, appointments were made of 400 promoters of values, of a total of 1,500 that will be trained this year. 


The positions were made with the backing of the Human Development program, which during recent weeks had been active through the office of Municipal Social Development in the neighborhoods of Puerto Peñasco, under the motto: “enjoying the present with values preserves my future”. 


Guadalupe Jaime Blanco, Mirna Lopez Vanegas, Ana Rocio Chavez, Rosario Rios Lara, Patricia Bojorquez, Rosa del Carmen Lara and Elizama Duran were the first to be named promoters of values of the 400 that participated in the first stage of the program. 


Raul Mendez Rojas, Director of Social Development, stated the stragety is to promote values and good customs and involved 20 meetings held in diverse points of the city. He commented that this first stage of appointing promoters of values required a tremendous effort and work on behalf of staff from his office. Mendez Rojas stated that the goal is to appoint more than 1,500 promoters of values this year. He noted this will be done through direct contact with people in neighborhoods around the city. 


Mrs. Patricia Bojorquez, speaking on behalf of the promoters of values, gave thank for the interest of the municipal government in building human values within the society. She stated that the talks have served quite a bit in getting closer to people from each of the city’s neighborhoods and strengthening human relationships an dliving peacefully. 


As part of the Human Development program, the more than 150 attendees of the event enjoyed a theatric presentation concerning the theme of values put on by participants of the strategy to promote values among those of the Peñasco community. 

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