Urgent Call to Attend to Housing Problem

Mayor Advises it is Priority Number One

By: Jose Antonio Perez 

While the State leadership of the Workers Confederation of Mexico (CTM) launched an urgent call for dealing with the serious problem of the lack of housing in Peñasco, Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez affirmed this problem is necessary to combat it will be taken.Javier Villareal Gamez, General Secretary of the workers Confederation of Mexico, exhorted the authorities of the three levels of government to take action to gain the land necessary for development and housing.He asserted it is not worth it to have the land in the hands of U.S. citizens and in concentrated ownership while thousands of workers are leaving in overcrowded conditions in little houses or trailers. He indicated it is urgent that this delicate situation be resolved, as even though they are working hard and have many interest, there is not a major interest in the welfare of the community.

Villareal Gamez said for these reason he is issuing an urgent and desperate call for a resolution to the housing problem. He did not discount the possibility of expropriation of land. The general secretary of the CTM said addressing this problem cannot wait any longer, as the development of Peñasco has already peaked and there is not sufficient housing for the workers that are required.

In response, Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez said housing is the number one priority of his administration and for the state governmenent. He explained that at this time there are at least ten construction business interested in developing housing, but the main problem is the cost of land., which doesn’t make housing projects profitable.

He said they have not stopped negotiating whit the communal land grant areas of the outskirts of the city, but up to now that has not accomplished the desired results. Thus he said, although the municipal government maintains a posture of dialogue and cooperation, if there are not results soon, they will have to look at other alternatives. Solutions to this urgent problem are needed whiting the next few months.

The Mayor emphasized that the local authorities are also desperate to respond to the demand for housing. Faced with this, if there is not other alternative, vigorous measures will have to be taken so that the good coming from development is not converted into something bad.

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