Treasury delivers 22.5 million pesos to Puerto Penasco

Resources by 22.5 million pesos were given for the benefit of rocaportenses thanks to an agreement with the Government of the said municipality, said Alejandro Lopez Caballero, Secretary of the Treasury. In a meeting with Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Mayor of that destination, López Caballero signed the agreement by which it delivers the extraordinary item. “Governor Guillermo Padres authorized the signing of this agreement is an extraordinary resource of 22 million 500 thousand dollars to get the municipality of Puerto Peñasco, ” he said. The funds will be used for three primary objectives which are works of drinking water, drainage and sewerage and the construction of the second phase of the boulevard Rafael Godoy. Zepeda Munro thanked the resource that will help meet long-standing needs of the citizens of Puerto Peñasco, which may have improvements in their water mains and Godoy Boulevard. López Caballero added that this additional contribution is unique to that achieved in recent days with the Federal Treasury, which could be around 38 million pesos to Puerto Penasco

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