Train Members of the School Breakfast Committee for the implementation of the new 20 menus

With the goal of parents that make school boards know the new 20 menus that will be offered in the schools of this county, was held the “Workshop of hot breakfast in the Municipal DIF facilities this past Wednesday March 2.

The President of the System for Integral Family Development, Marcela Zepeda Albelaiz was present during this fruitful training which he described as positive as well as parents being involved in the preparation of some healthy foods for their children.

He stressed the importance of this program which goes to the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Education in order to give a varied menu to completely delicious and nutritious children leaving out the snacks and junk foods that can be harmful to your health.

The workshop which was attended by just over 53 parents members of this committee, was carried out by Pedro Rodriguez Nutritionist Nutrition Coordination of State, Norma Lorena López charge of Food Promotion and Francisco Valdez Palace North Zone Coordinator School Breakfast.

During the training of food unveiled the new dishes that are serving in the nursery and primary schools, besides giving a short talk on the importance of the breakfast program which entails the prevention of diseases such as obesity and diabetes .

Among the featured foods that will serve students in schools are: cream of wheat with banana, bean pot with vegetables, ceviche of sardines and plaice, crepes with fruit pulp, meatballs with mole, rice, lentils, entomatadas , tuna salad, ceviche of tuna and soybean and sardine tacos.

Within the new menu is also grain cereal with milk, pancakes with fruit, muffins and beans, lentil soup with vegetables, soy patties, oatmeal with milk, pastel Aztec Christian Moor, spaghetti with minced meat, among others.

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