Sonoran Desert Tours takes you to EL PINACATE (one of 13 Natural Wonders)

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El Pinacate reveals thousand year-old gigantic craters which are one mile in diameter and 360 feet deep, more than one million acres of sand dunes and majestic granite mountains. Nature lovers will discover an amazing and varied animal and plant life.

Unusual beauty scenery and large biological diversity

Throughout history El Pinacate has been considered as one of the most arid and inhospitable regions of the Sonoran Desert. El Pinacate is far from being a biologically rich region. The volcanic shield of El Pinacate and the ocean of stabilized, semi-stablished and activities sand dunes that surround it, form the core of the Great Desert and extend 1,765,706 acres.
Recent volcanic activity has turned this area into an open air biologic laboratory. It’s biological diversity and usual beauty has captured the interest of searchers, naturalist and tourist throughout the world.
All biological groups of higher vertebrates are represented despite the scare rainfalls, lack of surface water and extreme summer temperatures which can reach over 110 degrees. There are 41 native mammal and five introduced species. Five of these are in the protected category: The Pronghorn Antelope, Desert Bighprn Sheep, Badger, Desert Foxes and Long Nosed Bats.

Field of dunes and volcanic gigantic maar-type craters

The majestic granite mountains rangers, enormous field of dunes and 1,250,000 acres of volcanic shield with gigantic maar-type craters without doubt have turned El Pinacate into one of the world’s most interesting tourist attractions. Additionally this region contains an excellent representation of the Mexican Sonoran Desert ecosystems.
To visit El Pinacate National Park is to meet with millenary events that are engraved in the Dark rocks and to perceive ancestral songs floating in the deserts silence.

The biosphere to reserve at Pinacate and Great Desert of Altar

This is a protected area with an extension of 714.557 hectares exotic natural beauty. About three quarters of its length covered by shifting sand dunes and the rest is the Pinacate volcanic field, with approximately 400 volcanic structures that differ between the craters El Elegante, Cerro Colorado and Mc. Dougal. Due to the similarity that keeps this attractive site with the lunar surface has been used by NASA as training for your trip to the moon. El Pinacate and Great Desert de Altar are also ideal for practicing activities like mountain biking, camping and hunting. From November to March can be hunted species such as bighorn sheep and mule deer. Depending on the season, can also hunt waterfowl, doves and quail. As a recommendation, when you visit El Pinacate not forget to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

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