Tourism Boost for Penasco

Puerto Penasco, Sonora, August 2, 2010 .- Tourism Boost to health and explore new possibilities in this region, were among the topics addressed by the Governor Guillermo Padrés with business tourism to spearhead the inauguration of the new Officers of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Puerto Peñasco.

Tourism is a key activity for the State and given all the support from the state administration, said the state governor to reiterate that there is a commitment and vision to work and make the investments necessary to revive the economy of that destination tourism.

“For the construction of the new sound tourism is a very important part of our growth plans, it is clear the potential we have, it is clear how much has been invested over the years,” he said.

During his involvement with businessmen in the area, Father Elias spoke of the importance of resuming the step to make Puerto Peñasco on one of the best tourist spots, supporting private enterprise with joint investments.

“I have that commitment and I have that very clear vision of working with you and make investments that will help unlock the levels we want the economy of Puerto Peñasco” he said.

Sonora’s chief executive admitted that there are areas of opportunity in which they can improve, such as road and urban infrastructure, and it is precisely in those locations where investments will be launched later this year.

He also called for potential tourists forward the information that Sonora is actually the safest border state, and even has lower crime incidence in the neighboring state of Arizona in the United States.

He pointed that during 2009 in Arizona there were about 35 000 vehicle thefts, while in Sonora were 4000, in regard to the city of Phoenix abductions registered over 400 cases against five of Hermosillo.

However, he does not mean you are happy with the results, on the contrary, works every day to reduce those numbers, because security is a priority for the Government.

“We are working tirelessly to have the necessary tool for being able to ensure the state border are more secure, but by far,” he said.

Father Elias did not miss the opportunity to announce the investment business for more than 100 million pesos in various development works.

Among them will be invested 20 million dollars on a public beach and 35 million pesos for paving the boulevards Godoy and Las Conchas.

And the request of many investors to connect the coastal road to the hotel zone with an investment of 10 million pesos.

Following their participation, the Governor was sworn Market Hector Vasquez as the new chairman of the board of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Puerto Peñasco.

Along with the protest took the secretaries of the board Celia Navarro Botello, Jorge Carrillo and members Riva Erika Curiel, Oscar Palacios, Ruben Gonzalez, Jacobo Muñoz, Betty Meyer, Blanca Ortiz and Miguel Guevara.

The event was attended by Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Mayor of Puerto Peñasco, Javier Tapia Camou, General Coordinator of the Commission for the Promotion of Tourism, Oscar Ochoa Patron, Secretary of Education and Hector Vasquez del Mercado, the tourism industry.

As the deputies Leslie Pantoja Hernandez and Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, and Rep. Guillen Leonardo Arturo Medina.

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