Thrifty Ice Cream Adds to the Menu (2003)

Cheesecake at Thrifty Ice Cream! It appears that Thrifty in Old Port has added homemade cheesecake to their ice cream goodies and a slice goes for $14.50 pesos. So far we have sampled the cappuccino, amaretto and chocolate chip: amaretto being our favorite.

    Bonnie is baking up a storm at Bonnie’s Bakery located out at Hacienda de Marcos RV Park. She makes goodies such as cookies, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls and a bunch of other stuff. I swear that her pineapple upside down cake is the best. She usually brings samplings into our office that we sell for her during the week. You can phone her at (044-638) 385-1030.

    Chad and Elizabeth at Bocadillos, located across from Hotel Plaza Las Glorias are still doing a bang-up job making their submarine sandwiches and homemade soups. To phone in your order you can call them at 383-1300.

    On to Los Juanes. The buzz around town has been the beautiful new restaurant, Los Juanes, which is located off the Beach Road behind Don Julios and the Pink Cadillac. This one-time house has been converted into a two-story restaurant. Our Malecon “spies” report that the menu highlights steaks from Sr. Carranza, who has the largest cattle ranch in Sonora (and is a really nice fellow). Though I don’t each much steak I have heard good things about their steaks and all of their food in general. We ran into Tom and Jackie Young dining one evening and they said their Mexican combination was very good. I sampled the tortilla soup and cheese fondue – both very delicious.

    Los Juanes is beautifully decorated and has plenty of seating on the two levels and even some outdoor terrace seating. They took great care in details down to the logo’s on the plates, bowls and serving bowls – a very nice touch. And their piña coloadas are pretty good too.

    Their menu consists of Mexican food, steaks such as T-bones, New York’s and filets. They have a filet covered with chipolte sauce and served on nopale (cactus) pads. Our Malecon “spy” says she had this dish and it was two nice filets and two big nopale pads (a type of prickly pear cactus that is very good for your heart). Her other half had the filets with sautéed onions in a brown gravy sauce that had a slight herb flavor. Los Juanes also serves fish, soups, salads, chicken and mixed grill platters for 2 persons (and more). Most of the meals come with salad, perfectly cooked asparagus and a baked potato.
    Los Juanes is definitely worth a try – even if you just go for something small like the tortilla soup. It is a wonderfully decorated and comfortable restaurant with very good service. The Ladies Lunch will be held at Los Juanes on April 10th at 1:00 PM. Phone Sandy at 383-6325 if you would like to make a reservation. I promise to do a full report on Los Juanes in the months to come but I can tell you they are open every day at 11:00 AM and the owner, Ana Bolena de Bellot, speaks perfect English and is a very gracious hostess. You can phone the restaurant at 383-6808.
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