It will be next March 31 when starting the National Collection of Mexican Red Cross delegation to Puerto Penasco, and will be there until May 1, whose goal is to raise 250,000 pesos, said Jorge Valdez Felix.
The Chairman of the distinguished institution indicated that in this municipal collection will be present in the main boulevards, cruises, businesses and schools in the city, and where the boat will participate in the board members and volunteers.
He stressed that this activity is attached to the national and state collection officially kick off the morning of March 31 in Mexico City, where the first donation to the worthy institution is made by the president, Felipe Calderón, also said, in the State of Sonora is made by the Governor Guillermo Padres, and Puerto Penasco responsible for jump-start the municipal collection does President Alejandro Zepeda Munro, to kick off 33 days of collection.
“It’s a bit difficult to predict and set ourselves a target, as in the best times of Peñasco as we collectively were 280 thousand pesos, now with the economic situation we are in is difficult, but we want to raise 250 thousand pesos, offices that already sent to different schools so that we agendas, “said Felix Valdez.
He said he was very active during these days of collection for the Red Cross Penasco, it said, but fortunately these altruistic activities fall in the days of Easter, where the influx of tourists in this port will benefit when it intends to collect.
“The collection is the responsibility of the board, so we must put to hard on the chamber pot, while aid workers and Red Cross people will be aware of emergency calls in the Easter holidays,” enunciated .
He noted that without this collection that takes place annually, the functions of the Red Cross would be difficult to develop, it said, over the years are few contributions that are made to the worthy institution which is requested by understanding and support of the community of Puerto Peñasco

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