This is Just too Cool!

 Article appears courtesy of  the Rocky Point Times. 
Please Visit their site at “COOL” describes the Watering Hole at the Desert Oasis. There are many ways and many definitions of being cool. Let’s see; there is always the swimming pool of course, air conditioning cool, and then there is just plain being cool. All those describe the Watering Hole. The restaurant/bar climate is always set on comfort, no matter what the outside temperature. However, if you were sitting around the newly finished Palapa bar in the swimming pool area, you could always jump in (be cool) jump out (have a cold beverage), jump in again. (cool off), jump out again (have another cold drink) and so on .It just makes good sense.
   Each month I keep telling everyone how much better this resort is over the last month and you probably wonder how that could be knowing that things in this part of the globe move at a snails crawl. All I can tell you is that these guys are amazing in what they can get done in what we think of as record time. To prove our point, we invite one and all to come check out our new Palapa Bar by the pool. It is absolutely beautiful.
  Boss Bruce told me that the convention center, with over 6,000 square feet of meeting rooms and four separate areas to accommodate up to six parties or meetings on the same day or night, plus another thirty suites, will open this fall. That, when added to the already open suites, condos, town houses, storage, RV park honeymoon suite etc, makes this a first class Resort.
  We want to thank the Chicago group from Sandy Beach for having us cater their party this year.  Did we ever have fun and plenty of food. You guys are great. Thank you Susan Collins for putting it together.
  Unfortunately the 4th of July weekend was pretty slow due to the elections and not being able to serve cocktails. However on July 7th we had Polo Polo here for the Red Cross fund raising show. There were about 1500 people here and, let me tell you, Polo Polo put on a great show and everyone had a ball. Believe it or not everything wet off perfectly. One thing you can always depend on is Jose and Lilly’s team doing a great job against impossible odds. That gets a big atta-boy for the team. Job well done. I suppose if you add it all up I would have to say it’s JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE.
Jim Nicoll

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