The Pinacate Reserve Biosphere

If you are looking for something to do outside Rocky Point, going to the Pinacate Reserve Biosphere is the perfect way to spend the afternoon or even overnight! Situated just about an hour north of Rocky Point (halfway to Sonoyta) the Pinacate craters were formed by a series of volcanoes spewing hot lava over 4 million years ago. Today, Pinacate and its Biosphere, located in the Gran Desierto de Altar is home to many species of animals and plants found no where else in the world! There are lots of guided tours by foot, 4×4 truck, or ATV for your learning and enjoyment experience!

Pinacate at Sunset Pinacate at Sunset 

There are nine huge craters formed by this explosion so long ago, covering a little more than 600 square miles. It is the largest Maar crater in the world, forming such a moon like environment that the astronauts from the Apollo 14 mission trained right here! The whole area is dormant right now, and it attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world including scientists and tourists alike.

Crater Elegante Crater Elegante 

You will see the entrance to the Biosphere on your right hand side as you head south to Rocky Point. Tours and entry times vary based on the time of year, but you can find out all this information on their website. This is defiantly a Rocky Point activity you should consider on your next trip down!

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