The home team Sharks

The home team Sharks Rocky Point will have renovations at the stadium Francisco Leon Garcia. Sharks are about to start the 2016 season, Renovations have been underway since the day of 7 March we hope it is in perfect condition as the players and baseball fans deserve. The most striking renovations are areas of dressing rooms and public restrooms because they were the areas most needed remodeling. Doug out will also be remodeled making them look better and also the field putting seed to grow the grass. Something very striking is that they are working on remodeling the lighting towers as they were in poor condition and high winds one of them fell. “The goal is to have the stadium in the best conditions for players and for fans, players a fit and strong illumination stadium deserve to play well at night,” commented Mr. Terence GutiĆ©rrez Valenzuela coordinator of Public Works, Development urban and public Services. All these renovations to the stadium will be released in an estimated 800 thousand pesos and Municipal president Kiko Munro plans to seek more resources to fully remodel the stadium Francisco Leon Garcia, UP SHARKS! ! ! !

Rocky Point Baseball - Tiburones

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