The “Charro De Mexico” Makes Puerto Peñasco Sing

By Ivan Bravo Lopez

As part of the festivities for the XXV Governor’s Conference, the “Charro of Mexico”, Vicente Fernandez, came to Puerto Peñasco to perform for 15,000 people, among them were governors of Mexico and the US.


From a very early hour the locals, as well as the tourists started singing some of Vicente Fernandez’s melodies at the Governor’s Plaza; a happy mood hung in the air and the excitement of adults and children was visible. They all tried to get to the best seats to see Vicente Fernandez up close.

It was not until 10pm that a charro with a rough but educated voice started singing to the audience. Song after song, without taking a break Vicente “Chente” Fernandez showed no signs of tiring. A simple and humble person with a career spanning 40 years thanked the governors for having invited him to such a historic conference.

The favorite song of the night was “Volver Volver”, the 15,000 people in the audience sang along with the Charro of Huentitan. They even joined him for the unmistakable charro scream “ahhh haha haaaaa” that represents Mexican joy, passion, and above all such an unforgettable moment for Puerto Peñasco. “Chente” Fernandez sang and delighted the public for more than 3 hours. For those who were not able to get one of 2,000 better seats had to conform to seeing the show on one of the 6 giant screens available that night.

Some of the people in the audience that had seen Vicente Fernandez’s career from the start said, “I like more the rancheras, such as beautiful songs like El Rey, Tu Camino y el Mio, among others. Others wanted to hear “Sonora Querida” or “Cuatrero.” One thing was certain though; the “Charro Mexicano” pleased everyone in the audience. Among the most entertained were Eduardo Bours Castelo and Janet Napolitano, who were impressed by the greatness of Vicente Fernandez. They even came near to the balcony from which they were enjoying the show. The special balconies for the governors were placed next to the stage for the 6 Mexican governors and the 2 U.S. governors, as well as representatives from New Mexico and Texas. They all thoroughly enjoyed the show.

There was a little bit for everyone at the show. Some people even dressed like Vicente Fernandez. It was a magical night at the new bayside, now called the Governor’s Plaza. In a show that lasted more than three hours, the public was eager for an encore. The “Chente” pleased his audience by closing the show at 1:30am with the legendary “Volver Volver.”