Carnival, one of the oldest and most celebrated worldwide pagan festivals. There is evidence that the Sumerian people performing this kind of parties over 5,000 years to the Roman Empire also very similar celebrations, where it spread throughout Europe and right through the Spanish and Portuguese sailors arrived wings Americas.

The carnival starts before the Christian Lent, even the Catholic Church does not accept this celebration of religious tone, the parties which are conducted wing Catholic religion are closely linked.


Because expansion wing of Catholicism these festivities took more booming, taking the name of Carnival, the main reason was saying goodbye to meat and lead a licentious life during the time of Lent.

They were three days of great celebration where almost everything was allowed, hence the use of masks to remain anonymous before. This hen was eating meat before Ash Wednesday, keeping Lent are 40 days until Easter Sunday, which was the Sunday of abstinence, meditation, fasting, accompanied by prayers and penance.

Returning wing festival again have the opportunity to enjoy the parades, celebrations and activities that bring joy to our beautiful port. Creating spaces to share with family and friends, this 4th to 9th February carnival tradition again will resume in Puerto Penasco.

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