The 13 street Rocky Point

13 Street (Calle Trece)

One of the most popular streets here in Rocky Point is known as Calle Trece or 13st. This is the street that host some of the events for bike rally during biker weekend and it is also a place were many people come out to listen to live music ralyand hang out with family and friends. Calle Trece is also a place where you will find many different places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will find Sushi, Hamburgers tacos and Sea Food. A little of everything incase you get hungry. There are also quite a few nightclubs if you are those late party folks. You will also find some nice sports bars to have a few drinks with family and friends. You will also find a few Oxxo stores in the area and a pharmacy at your convenience. There is a great sports/bar here by the name of Chavelas. You can find a live atmosphere here guaranteed Friday night through Monday night. The people are friendly and the service is good. Its sort of a small bar so it can get a little crowded. Other then that it’s an overall great place to go out for the night with friends. Make sure you take a ride out to Trece Calle next time you find yourself in Rocky Point.

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