TG Group readies new offer for Mexicana Airline

The new proposal TG Group to be updated because the airline’s conditions have changed since last October, when it submitted its first offer, so it will be this Wednesday when investors get together to understand and analyze the situation of the company .
Juan Carlos Torres said that BT Group has sufficient resources to capitalize on Mexicana Airlines, ‘we are very serious commitments and we do not promise something that we will not comply’.
Recalled that the first proposal had planned injection of $ 150 million to a backup line of 80 million dollars, but it all depends on the updated business plan to see if it will be sufficient for the reactivation of the airline.
Moreover, the offer was to keep 85 percent of the workforce and use 62 aircraft and eight operating point 54 back, they would be aircraft type Airbus A319 and the A320, Fokker 100 and Boeing B717, used for Click.
However, he is now proposing fewer aircraft would be because some were given to the landlord, ‘but we would be trying to get back to as many computers as possible. ”
Regarding the possibility of continuing with the agreements reached with the investor group, Juan Carlos Torres said it would comply with agreements with creditors and with regard to collective labor contracts, ‘and in that sense we have no problem. ”
“Our business plan on the part of labor liabilities does differ (as presented by Capital PC), but had already been accepted by the unions and would not mean a problem because they are respecting the rights of workers. “

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