This is the final installment in a 4-part story on Puerto Peñasco’s compelling new beachfront project and the surrounding Las Conchas neighborhood.


Past, Present and Future


Driving down the main road of Las Conchas towards tessoro, it is easy to imagine what the beaches were like before the tourist boom came to rocky point.

The smooth caliche boulevard is wide and there is little to obscure you view. The dunes extend inland over the vast landscape towards the Pinacate volcano. To you right, sandy roads and winding trails slope down toward the sea, which you can following windows of blue for much of the drive. The houses are arranged in an organic fashion, somewhat like paradise valley. You understand exactly why the owners do not allow paving in Las Conchas. It feels like you are on an island or in an old beach town.

To your right on the beach side you see the curios CEDO visitor center and take you eyes off the road long enough to take in the iconic whale skeleton sitting up on the dune. Further down Ospreys fly along the road, carrying a fish back to its nest on an old post along the road.

The road take two winding turns and carries you down a short hill to where the road moves close to the sea. There is just one row of exquisite beach houses between your car and the aquamarine water and waves.

Looking up, Tessoro suddenly fills the horizon. It is modern, impressive and elegant and you are reminded that this is Las Conchas in 2010 and not 1968. And yet, Tessoro fits in, all of its architectural touches careful designed to make it a part of the neighborhood. Beyond Tessoro, there is nothing but nature, a pristine, hauntingly beautiful expanse of beach and estuary as water curls around the end of the Las Conchas Peninsula. 

















As Las Conchas, begins its sixth decade (count them: 60´s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and now 2010’s), there will be many welcome additions, events and initiatives to look forward to.


The biggest addition for 2010 looks to be the services offered by Tessoro – spa, bar and outdoor restaurant. Over thanksgiving weekend, the development unveiled the Nuevo Temazcal at Tessoro spa. The spa is set in a free-standing building just off Tessoro’s resort pool area and is open to the public. There is not other spa in Puerto Peñasco positioned so close to the water and with direct beach access – Nuevo Temazcal will actually offer massages and treatments in a private gazebo on the beach in front of the  building. Spa operator Mayra Luz Gracida Veldepenna is well known as one of Puerto Peñasco’s most talent service providers and the unique location alone should draw Tessoro and Las Conchas owners.


Also set to open is El Agave bar and grill at Tessoro. Tessoro’s primary restaurant will open with the full lobby in the next phase, but the resort has incorporated a beautiful outdoor grill facility by the pool along with a palapa and bar. This bar and grill is expected to provide a welcome neighborhood service and draw visitors from all over Puerto Peñasco. the option of dining or having drinks while taking in the  views of the sea of Cortez and Tessoro’s resort grounds looks to be compelling.


Thus, for Las Conchas residents and visitors, there will finally be services in the neighborhood just minutes from their residences and, in the case of Tessoro owners, even closer.


The biggest event of 2010 is sure to be the ongoing celebration of CEDO’s 30th Anniversary. CEDO has be one of Puerto Peñasco most active institutions and important scientific contributors, acting as environmental watchdog, eco-tourism leaders, marine-information resources and community stalwars.


Tessoro and the Las Conchas Neighborhood Final Thoughts.


Take at least one trip to Las Conchas and take a tour with CEDO, visit the majesty of Tessoro and enjoy a spa treatment or visit a residence  to see why they won international awards, take your family to the CETMAR aquarium or walk the beaches of the Morua Estuary . If nothing else, take the time to drive down Las Conchas Boulevard, as we describe to start this final article, to remember Puerto Peñasco as it used to be.

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