Tap water is potable

Puerto Peñasco Tap water is potable states sanitary regulation office.
            According to studies and periodic monitoring being carried out, water distributed throughout the city by Oomapas is drinkable and does not represent any health risks, confirms Roberto Karam Gutierrez, chief of the control unit and sanitary regulation.
Karam Gutierrez indicated that the levels of chlorination are generally acceptable and until now they have not found any contamination that would indicate that it is not apt for domestic use.
He stated that he is aware of complains from the community concerning sand in the water, but argues this does not make the water undrinkable.
The state official noted that the intensification of monitoring the liquid resource has had favorable results.  He stated that up to now they have not come across anomalies that could be considered serious or put the population’s health at risk.
He noted that Oomapas administration has been paying attention to the recommendations it had received, ensuring precisely why they have not had any problems up to now.
He determined that recent problems with sand mix in the water is due to technical problems and stems from the same investments that have been made to improve water supply to the community of Puerto Peñasco.
            Karam Gutierrez affirmed that although they have detected anomalies, these have been minor and easy to deal with without having to resort to sanctions or more severe measures.
The head of the sanitary regulation office stated that monitoring would continue and, for the time being, it can be considered that Peñasco’s water is clean and free from any cholera bacteria or any other item that could affect human health.

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