Takes protest civil protection brigade

The swearing-in and delivery of supplies to the community brigade was led by Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, town clerk Campos José Ramón Santos, the director of the municipal civil protection unit Rubén Martínez Salido and state civil defense coordinator Ruben Rosas Rodrigo Gracia.

The responsibility of giving the course was conducted by Marcela Orozco Noriega, assistant principal of diagnoses and risks, who spanned a range of circumstances that could be directly involved today, Community brigade, were taken into account natural disasters, the how to cope, how to use the resources we have and how they can help the department to safeguard the lives of people.

During the course, there was interest from attendees who showed all his doubts, which were duly answered by Orozco Noriega.

Alejandro Zepeda Munro, mayor of Puerto Peñasco, like secretary
José Ramón Campos Santos, congratulated the community brigade for your interest in attending the course, were emphatic that have full support of the municipal government to carry out the necessary work if it depends on protecting the community.

Acknowledged the hard work he has performed in front of the unit Rubén Martínez Salido whom the mayor referred to as one of the hardest working people in your team.

For its part the state’s civil protection coordinator Ruben Rosas Rodrigo Gracia, after also congratulate the brigade today, said that in the very near future will Ruben Salinas office of fire chief in the state, given its large experience and ability to coordinate and manage emergency situations.

He also acknowledged the work of Rubén Salinas management especially for resources that contribute to improving both facilities and equipment and training to human resource dependence

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