In the last few years, Rocky Point, Sonora has been noted by having great development in comparison to other cities in the state in the country, Nevertheless, this growth would not be possible without the support that has been found locally in the commercial activity.


Great projects, like the Sonoran Spa Resort, Sonoran Sea Resort, Sonoran Sun Resort, Laguna del Mar, Las Palomas, Sandy Beach Resort, Diamond Villages, among others, have caused an intense range of operations that have satisfactorily been covered by the local businesses and that have been complemented with local and foreign companies and others countries, in a merger that has brought great profits to the port.


The high traffic of tourist throughout  the year, especially in the peak seasons, like vacation and holiday periods, have caused the retailers to offer new products and services or even change in order to offer to the visitors and the residents of Rocky Point a quality service.


At first sight you can see the opening of new businesses dedicated to the commercialization of diverse products, from footwear, clothes, packing, drinks, etc., as well as a diversity of products that tourist require to enjoy their stay, in front of the warm and temperate waters of the Sea of Cortés.




The calm of the sea, miles of beaches, the comfort and luxury of the tourist developments, and by all means the ease of travel from the United States to the port, have earned the locally fame as to be called the beach of Arizona, in such a way that each weekend the population practically doubles, mainly due to the massive affluence of thousands of visitors from North America. It has obligated the commercial sector to remain in the vanguard in attention and to maintain a variety of supplies.


In these sense, visitors can find anything from the basic needs to enjoying a festive atmosphere, to specialized products and auto parts for those who arrive in their RV´s. You will find that in most cases language doesn’t represent a problem because of the commercial profile of the zone there are lots of establishments that has bilingual personnel, on hard, to offer the best services to their clients.




As an obligated tourist destination of Sonora, Rocky Point has natured the artisan segment of commerce and “souvenirs”. The colorful beauty of the Mexican culture floors entire streets, with a variety of stands that mainly are found in the boardwalk area and on the way to Cholla Bay, where foreign and national visitors can acquire a great variety of decorative  objects and articles of clothes embroidered by hand, brought from all the parts of the Mexican Republic.


Of course it is imperative to get a souvenir before you leave this place. Perhaps a tequila glass with the engraved legend  “Memory of Rocky Point, Sonora”, or some of the popular t-shirts with likeable images and phrases embossed on the front, including caps, ash trays, etc., there are countless local stores where you can find these articles that will remind you or your visit.





As a sample of what we mention in our article are the records made by the Chamber of Commerce, where the number of members have increased to 305 members from 192 that we had before. The enterprise organization is working with a new and enthusiastic directive that took place earlier this year, commanded by Mr. Francisco Eugenio Amaya, a well-meaning businessman who is continued the work carried out by his predecessor Guadalupe Sanchez.


The president of the Chamber is convinced that only thought continuous work and with a defined course can there are good results. It is in this way that the interests of organized retailers from Rocky Point are taken care of in addition to the profits that are offered to all of the members.


Between the most representative supports are the recruitment and selection of personnel, consultant’s office in the obligatory proceedings that are regulated by governmental  jurisdiction like the Secretaría de Hacienda del Estado,  Secretaría de Economía, Secretaría de Salud, Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor, Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, among others, that facilitate the suitable operation of the business with the purpose of running their operations according to the corresponding laws.


It is pertinent to make clear that the commercial activity is a safe and profitable investment for investors who arrive daily in search of the business opportunities. For more information about this sector and the Chamber of Commerce, please go to: Freemont Boulevard and Coahuila No. 110, Colonia Benito Juárez or communicate by telephone 01 (638) 38 3 8328 and 3-65-85, send email to;











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