Support for the Study and monitoring of crab and snail

The amount of $50,000 pesos was recently presented to local producers, under the conservation and sustainable development program, for the monitoring and study of fishing resources including crab and snail in this area.


         The resources were presented at a ceremony during which emphasis was made that the proposal of said program is to the species while promoting sustainable fishing methods.    


         In this manner they will be able to carry out technical studies, performed by CEDO staff, training, as well as offer productive products in coordination with crab and snail fishermen.

         The Director of the Upper gulf and Rio Colorado Delta Reserve, Jose Rafael Campoy Favela, detailed on this occasion they presented 50 thousand pesos to further studies that to now have shown to have positive results.

         He noted that part of this includes off-season periods for the capture of snail and control of sizes, population desities and recording the sex of crab. This information will serve both to further sustainable fishing as well as benefit fishermen, provided they fully know the reproductive characteristics and seasons of the species in order to assure good results in their capture.

         The official from the National commission of protected areas stated through these studies they have been able to support these same fishermen and cooperatives, who they’ve offered the opportunity to exchange permits to fish shrimp, shark, and flake for productive projects including cabins, tourist vessels, and other types of commerce.

         He stressed all of these measurement are part of the program to protect the sea vaquita, and to date they have presented 35 packages of support of this type.

He indicated that for a second year, permits are $400,000 pesos individually, $500,000 pesos for two and $600,000 pesos for 3.

During this exchange, he detailed, the package of support were presented through permits, fishing tools and boat engines.


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