Sun Set in Rocky Point



The sun set in Rocky Point Sonora México is one of the most important thing to do in the time of your visit , mother nature did a grate Job on this side of the world , the best place to enjoy the sunset is in one of our condos Sonoran Sun , Sonoran Sky , or if you like to enjoy the sunset having dinner you can visit one of our best restaurant on top of the hill by the Malecon the restaurant is call La Casa del Capitan you can have there any kind of food we have the most fresh seafood to offer you also we have the finest mexican food there is in town thats the spot to have the best experience of your life , next to Casa Del Capitan we have another restaurant that is call The Light House you can enjoy the sunset right out side of the place having some wine and some shrimp cocktails , you cant miss this opportunity for this month of october , also the best time to enjoy the full moon is at night by any of our beautiful beaches is as grate as the sunset but better , so now you know all bout the sunset and the full moon in the glorious town of Rocky Point Sonora mexico….

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