Stressing benefits of pasos program

The benefits and scope of the Sonoran Program of Social Participation (PASOS) were recently stressed during the firs local gathering of regional workshop concerning the investment strategy implemented by the present Sonora Administration.
Adorned with characteristic color red of the PASOS program, nearly 240 people from Puerto Peñasco and Plutarco Elias Calles (Sonoyta) took part in the training.  The workshop consisted of three modules concerning the principles and objectives of PASOS, social auditing, and leadership. This was workshop number 55 for the PASOS committees.
Elizandro Enriquez Ruiz, Director of Social Organization of the State Council for the Consensus of Public Works, gave thanks for enthusiasm of Peñasco and Sonoyta mayors as well as that of community members of this region, for their participation in helping double the budgets so that the projects may have greater impact.
He reiterated that the projects, under this scheme of collaboration, are decided upon by those benefiting from each. As it is the community and not officials or the present administration who decide, without people, without social participation, there would be no PASOS program, which is a key part of Governor Eduardo Bours´ government.
Enrique Ruiz stressed the importance of regional committee workshop on social participation and the presence of community members responsible for carrying out different community projects to benefit this part of Sonora.
He pointed out that us watchful eye of Eduardo Bours that of local mayors, and most importantly of community assure that the public projects are done in the best way possible.
The PASOS Director of Social Organization justified the absence of the President of the Program’s Stated Board, Guatimoc Iberry, and that of CECOP Director, Arnoldo Salazar Coker, who were unable to attend the workshop as they were working on an urgent problem that had arisen in the southern part of the state.
Similarly, Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez stressed the importance of state program, which has tremendously benefited the community via numerous public projects in different neighborhoods throughout the city.
The Mayor highlighted the tremendous participation of Peñasco community members in getting involved in the tasks of choosing and supervising required projects and provided assurance to always work to improve the financial resources authorized for Peñasco.
He stated that this new form, envisioned by Governor Eduardo Bours, involves people in the actions of government and has been a great achievement.  He noted that trough the program they have been able to carry out projects through better actions to benefit more people.
Rentería Sanchez stated the participation of people in PASOS encourages them to work and meet the most justified needs.
Sonoyta mayor, Raul Contreras Garcia, equally acknowledged strides in the area of infrastructure thanks to the PASOS program.  He commented that the program meets people’s expectations and gives them the opportunity to become social auditors and monitor the use of these funds.
Contreras Garcia indicated that there have been those that have tried to put obstacles in the way of the program, but fortunately they have not been able to stop it.
He stated that Sonoran Program of Social Participation has been a key element and instrumental in all municipalities, above all because it is completely transparent.

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