Strange Happenings At Tessoro

In the wake of our series on Las Conchas and the new Tessoro resort, a strange thing occurred. During the New Years Holiday and all throughout MLK weekend, floods of Rocky Point owners, renters, and visitors have entered Tessoro’s lobby requesting “tours”. This is a common occurrence, and is much hoped for by developers, but it appeared that these visitors expected that Tessoro to be a big tourist attraction.

Tessoro is a lovely and architectural resort; however nowhere on the resort can you find a ferris wheel or a roller-coaster. The location is certainly a big pro. Who wouldn’t want to stay above the Morua Estuary at the pristine mid-point of Puerto Penasco between Cholla Bay and the Mayan Resort?

These tourists wanted a show. This occurrence reminded Join Us of the aerial-eye nature tours that have been offered on Tessoro’s lovely roof-top observation deck. Every once in a while, a few of the experts from CEDO took small groups (usually 20 to 30 guests) up the elevators to a reserved roof-top area at the highest point of the Las Conchas Peninsula for a beautiful insider’s look at the ecology, geography, and geology of Rocky Point. As a conclusion to the Las Conchas Resort series, we would now care to share an epilogue of one of the interesting tours given by Alex Rife, CEDO’s Field Education Intern.

The Las Conchas resort has fourteen floors resting above it.


Nearly 26 miles sit between the La Pinta Peninsula and Cholla mountain.  Tessoro, at high tide, provides a view past the Sandy Beach and to the waters of the beautiful Cholla Bay. It is at the mid-point of the Puerto Penasco beaches. San Jorge Island can also been seen to the South of Tessoro, as well as the waters of Morua estuary and across the desert to the enormous Pinacate Volcano.

Tessoro is the perfect getaway for a tourist interested in seeing all of the wonders of Puerto Penasco.

CEDO’s insights to the remarkable resort include:

A Multitude of Sea Lions.


The first thing that you will notice as you gaze over the water is the beautiful San Jorge Island, which sits twenty miles off-shore of Tessoro to the south-east. This is actually a chain of barren islands not at all appealing to tourists. But the animal life there is certainly something to get excited about. Here you can find blue-footed boobies, astonishing tropicbirds, fish-eating bats, and a plethora of California sea lions. Tourists have the amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive with sea lions in warm water. The reefs surrounding the island also hold a variety of tropical fish and octopi.

Observing far past the island, you will regard the mountains of the Baja Peninsula. These are especially clear near sunset. The summit of the highest mountain is directly west across the Sea of Cortez. It is commonly referred to as the Picacho del Diablo, or the Devil’s Summit, and is also the highest point of Baja, ascending to over 10,000 feet.

How May Volcanoes Do you See?


Proceeding across the seemingly never-ending desert is a colossal black mountain. This is the Pinacate Volcano. Fear not, as it is not active, and hasn’t been for over 10,000 years. From this volcanic summit, legend has it that Baja used to be believed to be a peninsula, not an island. Later research proved this theory wrong.

Have you noticed any other volcanoes? Whale Hill is a well known volcano at the center of town. Black basalt rock sits at the bottom of it. This is all left of the core of a large ancient volcano.


A Different Kind of Estuary


Instantly, you can see beautiful blue waters surrounding Tessoro.

Commonly, an estuary can be roughly translated as a river that runs into the sea, mixing the fresh water with salt water. Morua and others are negative estuaries. Each day, the estuaries fill, and then partially drain. This provides loads of nutrient enriched soil, great for the eco-system. It also attracts all kinds off wildlife, a great tourist exhibit.

NaturArte Ecotourism Corridor

Near the estuaries are three pristine fishing spots. This is a definite up-side tourism-wise.

The eco-tourism revenue provides a great way for residents to grow along with Rocky Point. The main idea is to provide an option besides selling out to developers.  Aquamar rents out kayaks and such; Las Mujeres operates restaurants and provides oyster farming opportunities for those interested. CEDO backs up several companies in their quest to help Rocky Point to grow and prosper.

Celebrate What Makes Rocky Point Special

From Tessoro’s rooftop, we have been able to see so much from a bird’s-eye view. All of these things that we have gone over today help make Puerto Peñasco a unique destination.

Here is what we love about Rocky Point:

Tessoro’s rooftop provides a once-in-a-lifetime view. The resorts are needless to say, outstanding. The condos almost outdo the resorts. The unusual curio shops are teeming with interesting items. The environment is pristine. The wildlife is out of this world.

So here is an epilogue to the things previously mentioned:

Look beyond the resort that you are staying in. Get out and enjoy Rocky Point!!!

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