Starts annual collection of Red Cross ambulances and delivery of donations

With the commitment and support of the Governor of Sonora, William Father Elias, the state began collecting Mexican Red Cross with the slogan: “With your help we can move forward.”

The State Executive gave the keys of thirteen ambulances were delivered to representatives of municipalities in Hermosillo, Obregón, Agua Prieta, Villa Juarez, Ures, Imuris, Caborca, Guaymas, San Luis Rio Colorado and the Red Cross delegation in Sonora.

Guillermo Padres, said that nine ambulances were able to acquire thanks to the voluntary contribution to society through the exchange program and the remaining plaques was a contribution of one million 600 thousand dollars extra from the State Government.

“A Red Cross thank you to remain an attractive face that has a helping hand to others when they most need, the year the Red Cross gives us a great service and the collection is a good opportunity to demonstrate how much we matter ”

Accompanied by his wife Ivette Dagnino’s father, the governor of Sonora set the example and was the first to make its voluntary contribution to the campaign, then were the different representatives of the Ministries and state agencies who have joined with your gift.

For his part, Carlos Freaner Figueroa, Red Cross delegate in Sonora Sonoran society thanked for their input and made a call to continue contributing to the noble institution that is only maintained the good will of the Sonoran.

He explained that in 2010, Sonora Red Cross provided transportation services 110 000 pre-hospital medical services and 150 thousand from the 37 in the state through its thousand 600 lifeguards.

Padres also presented to the Governor a report on the financial situation of the institution a transparent way the resources and reaffirm its commitment to the Sonoran society who invited to make their voluntary contributions to continue providing 302 services daily.
For a month, aid workers and Red Cross volunteers undertake collections in the main streets of the city with the goal of exceeding the 11 million pesos that were donated last year and that will continue to serve families in Sonora.

Sonora Red Cross
110 000 ambulance services
150 medical services and consultation
302 daily services
37 delegations
140 ambulances
1600 lifeguards
13 ambulances were delivered equipped

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