Spring break

Spring break is coming up, have you made plans for your out of town vacations? Rocky Point Mexico is the perfect choice for you and your family! Rocky point is located just 4 hours from phoenix Arizona and 50 minutes away from the border of Lukeville Arizona, you might ask your self what is there to do here there plenty of activities that can be done in rocky point, If you want to go out and use a an ATV there is are a lot of ATV rental places that offer quads and rhinos for a fair price.streetbar If you want to do something that involves our beautiful beach you can go on the banana boat and it’ll take you out to deeper sea or you can rent a jet ski and drive out for a good hours its always fun to fell of when a wave hits you and flips you over! If you want to go out and get to know the city I recommend going to the old port, it’s a beautiful small port where you will a great environment of food, shops, and even the best sunsets that our town of rocky point has to offer. There are plenty more activities that can be done here in Rocky Point I just named a few and I invite you to come on down and explore the rest of the activities!

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