Sonoran Sky developer makes a great overture!

 To all that read this blog. In my years of working with developers and businesses in several different countries now I have never seen anyone do this on their own. I am very impressed with the developers of the Sonoran Sky for doing this with out being asked. It shows that the people who develop these projects truely feel a sense of loyalty to their clients. Please read the letter they posted below. Thank you Sonoran Resorts.


Steve Schwab


November 27, 2008


Sonoran Sky Resorts realizes that recent unprecedented economic events have affected a few of its condominium owners. In response to this situation, Sonoran Sky Resorts would like to make the following offer to all current Sonoran Sky condominium owners who have loan payments with Sonoran Sky Resorts: Sonoran Sky Resorts is able to reduce the current annual interest rate of 10.5% to 8%, effective immediately beginning with the payment that is due on January 1st, 2009. This offer is good for one calendar year and ends with the December 1st, 2009 payment. The effect of this rate reduction is to reduce your regular monthly note payments for one calendar year. The annual percentage rate will return to the original rate of 10.5% beginning with the January, 2010 payment. It is important in order to obtain this reduction, condo owners must be current on their loan accounts (no dues). In addition, Sonoran Sky Resorts will also provide a 3% discount to current owners with an outstanding balance if you wish to completely pay off your note(s) on your Sonoran Sky condominium and/or storage unit before march 31st, 2009. For all new Sonoran Sky condominium and/or storage unit sales, this rate reduction also applies for the 2009 period and then will return to the normal 10.5% interest rate for the remainder of the term. We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and the best in the New Year!

 Sincerely yours,

Fernando X. Anaya Sonoran Resorts

Director Lic. Aracely Flores Paz.

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