Sonoran Sky


imgresThe Sonoran Sky is a luxury resort located in Rocky Point Mexico. Just an hour away from the Lukeville Border to Arizona. This resort has been over at sandy beach for a couple of years now and it is known to be one of the nicest of the tourist resort.

This resort has only one building where you can find 15 floors with units from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom located in the resort. It is known for its fine looks. This resort provides many services and amenities.

You can sit back and relax, while you enjoy the view of the beach, town and pools from your condo. It offers WIFI service for the resorts guest and owners, when you walk in to the lobby you can find a mini computer room where guest are able to use with no additional fee. Being at the Sonoran sky also means having to relax, so you are able to visit the local spa. Its fine pools with the beach view wont disappoint you and the swimming bar is open to serve and offer you snacks and drinks while you are hanging out by the beach or pools.

All this and more you can find at our resort Sonoran Sky, so next time you plan on visiting Rocky Point make sure to keep in eye for this luxury resort.

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