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In my imagination the Sonora state resembles the actress Maria Felix, the delicious flour tortillas Caborca, the gardens of houses in Alamos, the Sea of ​​Cortez, the tang of bacanora, however, now, also been thinking about this I refer to the action. Recognizing Sonora
I had already seen the sinuosity of the Sierra Madre Occidental, since then I fell in love with its mountains, so close to the tropics,
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Besides its traditional bacanora, its huge flour tortillas and beautiful desert landscape, this state is ideal for rafting.
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align themselves with moisture to become a haven for various forms of animal and plant life, but I never admitted to its mangroves and had sailed the rivers, so far I can say just beginning to learn Sonora.
I came directly to Los Alamos, I’ve always liked for its colonial houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, its orchards and gardens where they grow mangoes and pomegranates and seek beautiful flower beds, pools and fountains.
The first thing I did when arriving at Los Alamos was to meet my good friend Spiro Pavlovich, director of Municipal Tourism in Sonora who had prepared for me and the bike to visit the Sierra de San Bernardo. Pedaling at this place is like buying front row ticket to watch the spectacle of nature, this is one of the places in Mexico with the highest diversity and biological wealth, counting among its assets with 1,100 recorded species of higher plants and 351 species birds among which are the green macaw, the mountain parrot, the golden eagle, osprey, falcons, eagles and hawks, to name a few.
Then I went to Huatabampo (“Sauce on the Water” Cahita language), where the first thing I did was give me a swim at the beach and I was ready for the next stop: the mouth of the Rio Mayo, and back to water take a kayak trip to the sand dunes. The Mayo is the second largest river in Sonora and one of the few with perennial streams, their waters have subsided with the construction of a dam and are used for irrigation. By boat you can make a nice route and arrive at Santa Barbara, a town in May. And for lovers of photography, the ride offers amazing scenery. During the kayaking, bird watching that live among the mangroves, is the main activity, the “paddle” is just a complement, and be able to observe such beautiful birds in their natural habitat is carried throughout the function.
The time paddling to reach the dunes is about 40 minutes and believe me, it is worthwhile to do a river and join sand dunes in turn are attached to the sea, is not an everyday thing. And in the dunes, you can practice
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sandboarding-slide through the sand on a table-sport very exciting. The show must go on
And yes. Navopatia continued to reach, where a stately home mangle a family of dolphins! More birds! so again I got to kayak to admire and, plus, I had the opportunity to see a forest of pitayas, something unknown to me. This place is an hour and a half of Huatabampo and is ideal for the practice of camping, it’s so neat its variety of birds that settled here a research center at the University of Washington for bird watching as caracara The black duck, the white pelican, the Harris hawk and woodpeckers, among many others.
The best thing about camping in Navopatia happens at night when you can throw more
Equipment, organization of tours and guides for bird watching (
Sonora Tourist Information
Spiro Pavlovich, Pavlovichspiro.pavlovich @
Accommodations in Alamos
www.elpedregalmexico.compara just watch the sky and its stars. The sunrises are also spectacular, the sun emerges on the horizon and tones ranging from red to yellow through blue, shades to which no words to describe them. After the show I went to the Kawi May Hill to practice trekking, fresh air and admire nature. Perm voluntary anencia
Staying in Sonora is an almost irresistible temptation, but I have to go. On another occasion again to visit indigenous communities and Mayo gaurijios to learn about their origins, their culture and how they have adapted to civilization.
What is not left yet but I will return to do was eat the rich flour tortillas, machaca and coyotes. KEEP WELL HYDRATED SKIN IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE AS THE WIND FRICTION AND SON SAL ABRASIVE.
Sea travel the Yucatan Peninsula to view the union of the Gulf of Mexico with the Ocean Caribe.Duisissequat vulputpat, at smodipit veliqui

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