Shrimp boats head to high seas

Shrimp boats head to high seas 

With the expectations of netting a total production of between 1,300 and 1,400 tons this year, on Tuesday, September 9th, ships from the local shrimp fleet headed out to seek the so called pink gold. This launched the highly anticipated 2008-2009 fishing season, confirmed Cesar Alejandro Villaescusa Fontes, Head of the local fishing office (CONAPESCA).

      Villaescusa Fontes indicated that initianlly the launch for the Upper Gulf of Califrnia fishing season was slated for September 12th, yet the decision was made to move this date up for larger vessels so they could begin heading out on the 9th.

He detailed that with regards to the local fleet, nearly 60 vessels had set up to begin shrimp capture in the areas of Topolobampo, Yavaros and Kino Bay; the remaining 48 were preparing to depart shortly thereafter in order to work in the area surrounding this port as wells as Kino Bay.

      The local CONAPESCA director stated that some problems arose in the area of supplying fuel to a number of vessels, which then had to depart later. Yet, he assured, this was minimal and really only affected two or three local ships as, in general, the diesel subsidy has not failed.

He affirmed that producers are remaining optimistic and expect a production similar to that of last year, which brought in 1,389 tons.

      Villaescusa Fontes indicated that with respect to shrimp quotes for the season, up to now prices have not yet been revealed, although they expect these to be positive.  This will all depend, he explained, on the size of the product that comes in from the first trips, which they expect will come from those fishing in the area of Upper Gulf of California. 

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