SESP monitors tourist spots and beaches by land and air

  An operation described as historic performed the Executive Secretariat of Public Security (SESP) in this holiday period by deploying three helicopters and hundreds of patrols to monitor air and sea beaches and tourist points of Sonora.
Ernesto Munro Palacio, Executive Secretary of Public Safety, arrived Wednesday at Puerto Penasco for overseeing the Special Operations involving 350 elements of the State Police Public Safety (PESP), distributed in strategic points of the state.
“For the first time in history, ” he said, “we will have three aircraft to monitor the tourist sites and beaches of the state, from Puerto Penasco to Desemboque, Miramar San Carlos and Las Bocas Huatabampito, among other things. ”
He stressed that this is the first mission fully equipped helicopter for surveillance and rescue which recently acquired the Secretariat office.
On his arrival in Puerto Penasco, the owner of the SESP was received by the Mayor, Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Director of Municipal Public Security, Lázaro Hernández Bravo, magistrates and officials, and the Director of Public Safety State Police, Alonso Ulises Gómez Méndez-Manuell.
Munro Palacio said that in Puerto Penasco with the participation of 15 patrol and 55 elements of the PESP, who will coordinate with other corporations of the three levels of government.
He noted that the main objective of Special Operations is to protect the integrity of tourists and residents of Sonora during these Easter holidays for a white balance.
Finally, he asked the tourists to Sonora and extreme caution when taking the highway, using seat belts and not combine alcohol with the steering wheel.

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