Self-Employment Fair held in Rocky Point

Self-Employment Fair held in Rocky Point last week of February was held in Puerto Peñasco’s first Self-Employment Fair as part of efforts to improve the employment situation in the city, said the Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro.Al concluding a meeting with Assistant Secretary of Labor of Employment and Productivity, Juan Edmundo López Durán, the mayor emphasized that there are various supports that will be offering as a way to improve the employment issue in the municipality. “We are making efforts to address matters related with the working environment in the city, so our call today attended the Secretary of Labor and have reached important agreements, and so we will continue to operate with the appropriate bodies, “he said.”We define the realization of Self-Employment Fair “added “as well as admission to the National Employment System, through which we will be working a job and be in the office of Planning and Development which provides the service. ” He said the meeting discussed issues related to support programs that can be applied to benefit the working plan of the city as is “Bécate whereby you can provide scholarships and support to workers.”We are aware of the situation prevailing in the city, so we are working on different fronts to achieve support, as granted to entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and we likewise promotion Peñasco, explicó.Confió that by working together all the different levels of government and private initiative are to realize support and breakthroughs that will benefit the entire community.

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