Seeking to include Metropoli Architects within comprehensive development of Peñasco

Seeking to include Metropoli Architects within comprehensive development of Peñasco


   Investment of 30 million dollars to be applied


Through an investment of nearly 30 million dollars, and a vision set on including Metropoli Architects within the comprehensive development of Puerto Peñasco,  the project entitled “Puerto Mio, Rocky Point Marina, Resort and Spa”, was recently presented to representatives from different sectors of the city.

The ambitious project, currently under construction, seeks to contribute to improving the urban image of this port, in keeping with the fishing industry, which is also essence of Penasco.  The project plan was recently presented to business chambers of commerce, tourist developers, satates authorities and invited guests.

The entire project will include 28 commercial rental spaces, seven offices for rent, a building that will house 95 apartments for sale, a 180 room hotel, six movie theaters and parking for up to 600 cars, all on an area measuring 46,000 square meters. The part currently under construction is the first phase, which will include the commercial area with 28 suites for rent.

The general director of Metropoli Architects, Jose Luis Castelan, indicated the intent is, in addition to creating investment and jobs, to become part of a society such as Peñasco.   In this way, they are putting their own grain of sand towards the city’s growth through infrastructure, with an executive urban project set to recover the marina area and have it become part of the historic center

He pointed out they expect to complete the firs phase of development by summer of next year, offering the commercial area with six movie theaters, which will also include an improvement in the dock area though landscaping and adequate roadways for the safety of the community.

He noted the first phase will create at least 200 new jobs, which are undoubtedly much needed for Puerto Peñasco.

He furthered that currently, there is a lack of planning, which they do not want for Penasco; therefore as developers they come not only to build in order to create investment and jobs, but also to provide a project that interacts with the City government and community.

The general director of Metropoli Architects underscored that with this type of contribution they want to make it clear that they now feel part of Puerto Penasco, as they are not here to build and leave, but rather to stay.

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro remarked that economic reactivation of municipality has begun to appear thanks to investors who have recover their confidence that Peñasco is the best place to see their projects though.

The Mayor stated his confidence that this will be an important boost for construction that has stopped to begin once again.

“the vision this group brings is important, therefore they have all the backing and support we can provide from this municipal administration; we are commited to promoting and providing support so that investors such as these find in Penasco the best conditions to develop their projects,” he expressed.

“We know there are positive things in store for the municipality and we believe that this can be the beginning of recovering investments in order to make Peñasco a city that continually offers more services to the tourists,” stated the City leader.

Zepeda Munro reiterated that this investment, estimated at nearly 400 million pesos, is positive demonstration of confidence in Puerto Peñasco during these difficult times.

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