Activity holds great potential


            Given that recreational sports fishing represents tremendous potential for

Puerto Peñasco, steps are being taken towards promoting this activity which has not yet been fully explored in this area.

A recent forum held in Peñasco, entitled “Local Actions in the area of sport fishing,” included the participation of authorities and sports fishermen who addressed central themes including coordination of the two levels of government in the area of sport cheap jerseys fishing and future actions for the management of this activity.

Bernardino Muñoz, director of the Sport Fishing Unit of the National Fishing Commission (Conapesca), led the National Program of Sport Fishing (2006-2012), which discussed the current situation and possible cheap ray bans steps to be implemented to guarantee proper development.

The federal official stressed at a national level! Nearly 2 billion dollars are garnered from sport fishing, creating 35,000 direct jobs. This data points to the importance of creating better conditions and regulations in Cheap Jerseys order to properly carryout this cheap jerseys fascinating activity

Muñoz explained that of ah those who work in the area of sport fishing, only 10% actually go through the process of getting the respective permits while 90% do not. This, he notes, creates an enormous leak in tax revenue and tremendous difficulties in controlling what is being taken out of the sea.

Bernardino Muñoz urged for the creation of a municipal sport fishing committee, which is fundamental to achieve true promotion of this important activity

He even spoke about the possibility of establishing a sport fishing program for Totoaba in this region of cheap nfl jerseys the Upper Gulf of California. Totoaba is a protected species, though with the potential of being sought after for this purpose. He detailed they are working in coordination with Semarnat on these efforts.

The Mayor agreed it is necessary to establish actions and programs that promote orderly recreational sport fishing in this community He noted he fake ray ban sunglasses was open to working in a coordinated manner with the state and federal governments in order to make sport fishing a more adequate activity, which would be beneficial for tourism.

The City Leader noted his concern because although there is an abundance of species for sport fishing, the way the activity is currently being done may risk diminishing these sources. He therefore praised the joint efforts to assure this important activity is regulated and sustainable.

Alejandro Castillo, Sub director of CEDO, indicated recreational sport fishing represents a grand attraction for visitors to this port and reflects a considerable economic influx for community residents.

However, he added, more care of its implementation is required, along with control of the numbers of marine species, as this may represent a risk for the sustainability of this activity

The intent of the recent forum was to coordinate with the municipal, state, and federal government iii order to establish proposals and future actions for the administration of activities, he underscored.




The Mayan Palace recently welcomed the US University Women’s Amateur Women’s Golf Tournament, held out of the US for the first time ever, and which included the participation of 4 young promising Mexican women golfers.

Margarita Ramos, Alejandra Llaneza, Diana Cantú and Liisa Kela are seeking to follow in the footsteps of their countrywoman Lorena Ochoa who today is a Star on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) circuit.

The Sea of Cortéz Peninsula Arizona Wildcat Invitation, held February 21-24, welcomed more than one hundred young golfers representing a variety of. U.S. universities, including Tennessee, Washington, UCLA, Arizona State, Duke, Stanford, Oklahoma, Tulsa, New Mexico, USC, UNLV, and U of A, among others.

Shelly Haywood, U of A golf coach and former professional golfer, stated the decision to play in Puerto Peñasco was made given the generosity and hospitality of the Sonoran community as well as the fact Home that it offers a first class golf course designed by living legend Jack Nicklaus.

The Director of Mayan Palace Puerto Peñasco, Manuel Alcocer Pérez, stressed the event would be a launching point to further promote Puerto Peñasco as an important destination for tourism.

He believed the port has the potential to be a golf destination, given the courses it already possesses and those to come, emphasizing the importance of promoting events of an international scope such as this.

Epifanio Salido Pavlovich, General Coordinator from the Commission for the Promotion of Tourism, expressed his gratitude for the trust of the American participants, and reiterated: “Sonora is and will continue to be a place with its arms open to tourism; we have worked very hard to make our State a world class destination.”

“It gives us tremendous pleasure that oakley outlet you have been able to see Sonora

from a good perspective; in recent days we’ve also had directors from the American Automobile Association (AAA), who acknowledged a hotel here in Peñasco for its quality of service,” stated Salido.

He continued, “This speaks well of what are doing in the state in the area of safety, but particularly to the fact this is a destination that many from the U.S. consider as their home, the recent golf tournament is an example of this is as oil this occasion it was hosted by the University of Arizona, and held here in Puerto Peñasco, or rather Arizona’s beach.”

The University of Arizona is one of the most prestigious golf programs in the United States and home to Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa, among others, as well as now the promising Mexican golfers Margarita Ramos and Alejandra Llaneza, both originally from Mexico City.

Diana Cantú from Monterrey, Nuevo León and Liisa Kelo from Mexico City also participated in the event representing the University of Tennessee and Arizona State University respectively.

The Sea of Cortez Peninsula Arizona Wildcat Invitational took place in the midst of the beautiful facilities of Mayan Palace Puerto Peñasco. The event had no cost for participants and presented some of the most promising Cheap Football Jerseys up and coming women golfers, as well as a series of clinics put on for children.

During the inauguration, and thanks in part to the globally renowned company NIKE area children were given golf equipment as a manner to help promote golf among younger generations.

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