Prevention is the foundation of a healthy community. With this in mind, work is being done to assure there are at least 20 thousand healthy homes in Puerto Peñasco, or rather, that all the homes in the city are prepared to reduce health risks, affirmed Jose Raymundo Lopez Vucovich, Secretary of Health. In an exclusive interview, Lopez Vucovich denied the possibility of a hepatitis epidemic in Peñasco and remarked that there had been significant strides made through various programs to decrease illnesses within the community. He stated that in a recent meeting concerning the goals of Plutarco Elias Calles (Sonoyta) and Puerto Peñasco, he was proud to report that, through the commitment of municipal authorities and health workers, they are achieving important success in the area of health. Lopez Vucovich outlined that over the last four years the unprecedented investment of 900 million pesos has been made in Sonora during a curatie phase, as opposed to 22 million applied during the previous gubernatorial administration.  Furthermore, he added, work is being done within the community to raise awareness concerning how to prevent illnesses and improve health in order to prevent spending so much on curing sicknesses; hence the importance of 20,000 healthy homes in Puerto Peñasco. With respect to rumors of a hepatitis epidemic in this city, the Secretary of Health stated that there wasn’t one. He explained that recent studies indicate that incidences of this illness have not been concerning or alarming. Lopez Vucovich reiterated that Peñasco is healthy and that both tourists as well as residents can enjoy the city and the variety of food, including seafood, offered in the area. He commented that for the current state government, drug addictions represent the number one health problem. He noted they are working on different fronts to attend to the 15% of the population suffering from addictions, while preventing 85% of the population not affected by this problem to stay clear of addictions.

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