SEC Promotes Health in Schools mini stores

By: Victor Salazar


In order to contribute to compliance and health measures to prevent and correct the overweight and obesity among children, the Ministry of Education and Culture (SEC in spanish) will launch a program called “National Agreement for health food”, which looks forward to educate every student, teacher and parents about good eating habits revealed Gustavo Pérez Muñoz.

The delegate from the SEC in Rocky Point, revealed that this health problem  is affecting millions of children all over the country, and Rocky Point is no exception, as specialists have found the presence of lack of food education in schools and in children´s home.

“Specialists have detected the presence of obesity is mainly derived from the consumption of food and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt, this added to it’s becoming more common to having a passive lifestyle and the lack of excercise, without exercising  becomes a sedentary life and then comes obesity”, he said.

Pérez Muñoz said that in this situation, the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) and the Office of Health (OH) gave out to SEC, specific amounts of food and along with that, came the incorporation of food guidance topics, Fake Oakleys physical activities, and water fake oakleys consumption, which will be out both in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, which are ideal places for children to learn to stay healthy.

“To combat the problems from schools such as overweight and obesity, requireseverybody´s participation, we are talking about teachers, principals, supervisors, heads of industry, support staff, students and civil society permanently, but most of all, we need supported by the same parents”, ray ban outlet he added.

The delegate of the SEC’s regional services, pointed out that although at present, has not been set at 100% the sale of food unfit for children in all inside the school mini stores in Mexico, Sonora and Rocky Point, SEC and the OH plan launch a program for more regulation to the sale of unhealthy food in thee mini stores.

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