Sea of Cortez Airport: the Current and Future

Alonso Domínguez Ruiz, administrator of the Sea of Cortez International Airport reported that because of the state of the economy of both the United States and Mexico, it really isn’t feasible for direct commercial flights to begin running to Puerto Peñasco. There are quite a few airlines “waiting in the wing” to being, but right now is not the optimal time. Aero Calafia and Aero Mexico are two airlines from Mexico interested in flying to Puerto Peñasco, along with Sky west and US Airways from the United States. They all have met with Ruiz, after the heightened interest over the course of about 2 months in Puerto Peñasco as a tourist destination after the opening of the international airport. With goals set for the middle of the year to increase air travel to Puerto Peñasco, they will surely keep in touch with the current airlines that have expressed interest.

Aiming for the shortest time frame possible, Ruiz said that Puerto Peñasco will receive its first commercial national and international flights. With the economy as it is, it is not possible to give exact dates, but assured the public that it will be done as soon as possible. The Sea of Cortez airport has begun national operations, but has the ability and will create new routes to and from the United States as well as from other continents. One day, Puerto Peñasco will receive visitors from all over the world, not just the US, and that is where Ruiz’s sights are set.

Just for fact’s sake, the Sea of Cortez’s airport has the capacity to bring in Boeing 737-700 planes, and the actual operations began the last part of October. President Felipe Calderón formally gave the inauguration on November 9th of 2009.

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