Sand Storms

Sand Storms

Have you ever came down for a vacation to Puerto Peñasco and found yourself trapped in some bad weather? In this time of the year it is common that it starts to get really windy here in Puertowindy weather Peñasco, and when you mix high winds with loose sand from the desert or the dunes of Peñasco it is not a nice thing. A dust storm can be very dangerous, especially if you are on the road; it takes seconds to loose visibility of what’s in front of you and even causing a collision with other vehicles. A dust storm usually only last a couple of minutes, but here in Peñasco we have seen these sand storms for days straight. So be cautious when you are driving through Peñasco if there is a lot of sand being blown around. Here are some safety tips if you happen to be out on the road in one of these sand storms.

*If dense dust is observed blowing across or approaching the roadway, pull your vehicle off to the side of the road, stop, turn all lights off and take your foot off the break pedal so that the rear taillights are not illuminated.

Turning off all the vehicles lights when pulling to the side of the road is recommended due to the fact that if the sand storm is really dense and you have your tail lights on, vehicles that are approaching from behind might think that you are advancing and they might end up rear ending you.

*If you can’t pull off the roadway, proceed at a speed that is suitable for your visibility; turn on your lights including your emergency blinking lights and continue on your way cautiously.

If you are driving through town in these conditions, the best idea is to drive slow, stay alert and keep a good eye out for the stop signs. 

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