Rocky Point’s market shift has great opportunities.

Rocky Point Buyers Market Beckons April Report from our AMPI President Kent White Realty Executives A.M.P.I. President In the ever cyclical world of economics we certainly see the seasons change. This is evident especially as it refers to real estate. Many people, sitting there with their glass half empty continue to refer to our stage in the cycle as the Fall or Winter. However, as we have seen by recent indicators, the excitement is here. In Rocky Point’s market, those who look past what the press from the north tells us, continue to do well. Agents and buyers alike that don’t see the doom and gloom see the potential of a shifting market. Let’s face it, as it applies to Real property there are two markets, buyer’s markets and seller’s markets. Sure we saw some hard times for awhile, this is what is called the correction period. We needed it. We had a fever during the initial boom that laid the foundation for our long term growth period. Economists still see Puerto PeƱasco as one of the fastest growing, and long term growth destinations in Latin America. All of the studies done on both sides of the border by different experts on our specific market agree we are destined to be an international powerhouse. None of them said the chart would be a straight upward line. With the same logic, we should not expect to follow the same curve as the United States. We are a second home community and an investment community. Many of the baby boomers with the notion of retirement in their sight still see the need to invest, and this is a great time to invest as there are many deals to be found. Many people that have the fortitude to buy a second home are not affected by the issues that have used up so much ink in the papers lately. And some that overbought need out. Rocky Point’s resale market right now has numerous condos, houses and land listed at below their true value. This is not to say that everything is priced to sell, but with proper representation and patience, now is a great time to learn what is available and understand that there are special deals popping up everywhere. Resort communities do not reflect the same dynamics found in markets of need. … READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE

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